Friday, September 5, 2008

Internet Marketing 101

Internet network marketing has become a huge business over the past decade. Have you been someone that has signed up with a program or system that has promised you $5000 - $20,000 per month income? Is it working like you were promised? Many of you would say no that these systems are a scam because it has not worked. I want to try and explain why so many have experienced poor results and some have made huge incomes.

Many new subscribers to these new automated systems fail to realize that it still takes some effort. It can be effort with money or effort with time. The first key to success in any business is finding potential customers. You can find them by social networks and some old fashion sales techniques or through spending money on advertisements. Many get into these systems and skip the advertisement section because of the cost. Then they sit back and expect the money to start rolling in. In business people have to find you one way or another.

I recently had an e-mail from a fellow network marketer as I had just joined a new social network. It was the normal welcome into the new network. But what surprised me was that I was told to get my delete button ready. I was going to get flooded with e-mails and I was going to be doing a lot of deleting. I responded “why would I do that, this is how I was going to meet people and find potential customers”. The statement should have been: get your reply button ready.

This is what I mean by putting in some effort. Social networking takes time but the great thing is it takes little expense. You can get into most social networks for free or you can get in for less than $10 and earn some additional cash. But I see a lot of people get into these social networks and do very little communicating. They are missing the point of the whole thing. I am currently on three social networks and I receive about 65 messages a day. I may not take a lot of time with my messages but I do reply. Even if it is “Thanks for the information but I am happy with what I am doing. Here is my business that I am excited about”. How do you now that that person is getting the results they want and they may be interested in your business. This is how to play the social network game. How would you ever earn money as a shoe sale person if you passed up every customer that was just looking and refused to start up a conversation? Basic sales 101, communication!

Getting the word out to potential customers it what it is all about. The systems that you see on the internet do work if you know how to play the game. I currently use the Spider Web Marketing System. I have heard a lot of people say that it is just not working for them. Well it is working for me but I have customized it to my satisfaction. I have my own website and not the default from the Spider Web System . This gives me the freedom to advertise and promote my business. I put a lot of time in and a small amount of money. I control the parts that I can and I do not rely on the system doing all the work. Just like any type of business out there, to reap the rewards you have to sow the seed and put in the work.

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